FOBAC EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING COMPANY LIMITED was established in 1985 as a wholly indigenous Company owned and managed by Nigerians. The prime objectives of the Company since its inception has been the manufacturing of high quality medical and educational equipment e.g. Patient’s Beds, Bedside Lockers, Ward Screen, Examination Couch, Delivery Beds, Laboratory, Bunk Beds and School Furniture just to mention a few, to international standards.

The Company’s mission is to promote indigenous technology, through local sourcing of raw materials for the manufacturing of medical and science laboratory furniture and equipment to satisfy the yearnings in the health and educational sectors of the Nigeria economy.

By sourcing our raw materials locally, the Country has benefited immensely, through saving a lot of foreign exchange which could have been wasted on importation.

Through thorough research and development, which of course involved a lot of capital investment, we engage in the following:

1) Manufacturing of Hospital Equipment and Furniture items.

2) Manufacturing of School’s Laboratory Furniture and Fittings.

3) Manufacturing of Bunk Beds for Schools, Tertiary Institutions, Police and Armed forces.

4) Manufacturing of Mobile Laboratory.

5) Repair and Refurbishing of Hospital and School Equipment & Furniture items

6) Supply of Medical Equipment

7) Supply of Science Equipment with Chemicals.

8) Turnkey Project – Construction and Equipping of Hospitals and Schools.

9) Building and Civil Construction.

1.    AWARDS: Through our research and development department, the Company won a MERIT AWARD in 1995 from the LAGOS STATE MINISTRY OF COMMERCE, INDUSTRY AND TOURISM during the Africa Industrialization Day Celebration in recognition of the Company’s contribution to the development of Industry in Lagos State.


2.    The Company also won the NATIONAL MERIT AWARD in 1996 from the RAW MATERIALS RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL, ABUJA, under the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology for promoting the growth of Indigenous/Process technology in Nigeria.

3.    The Company received a letter of commendation from the Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Science & Technology, for Industry, Research in Technology and Fabrication.

Our products compare favorably with imported items and are manufactured to the World Health Organization (WHO) specifications and standards.

Based on our profile, we have executed various contracts for both States and Federal Ministries of Health and Education.

Presently, we are working with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) on health and educational equipment.